B. Beautiful

B. Beautiful Studio in Toronto, ON by Brittni Alexandra


To promote Brittni Alexandra as a brow and beauty expert as well as encourage product purchase at the B. Beautiful Studio.

The Brief:

B. Beautiful appointed IGO PR as their major promotional advisor and gave the responsibilities of (but not limited to): Media Relations, Social Media Reels and Posts, Scheduled Newsletters, Monthly Press Releases and Developing/ Manifesting Events.

The goal with B. Beautiful is to have its brow and beauty expert educate people on the importance of proper care and technique when it comes to beauty services. B. Beautiful offers an elevated approach to face-related beauty and wants people to transition from the standard nail salon services to an upscale safety guaranteed studio run by an expert in the business.

IGO PR’s priority is to expose B. Beautiful to the media and draw consumers in with the idea of a personal luxury experience for one to schedule on a regular basis. The more frequently a client visits the B. Beautiful studio, the more likely they are to inevitably purchase product as well.


October 2021

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The Strategy:

IGO PR has been very engaged with B. Beautiful from the start as they were one of the first clients ever to sign with the company. Utilizing various media connections, IGO PR spreads awareness through event exposure, press releases, and general media outreach.

Brittni Alexandra, the owner of B. Beautiful, posts on her social media frequently in connection with IGO PR to keep her feed/content consistent and engaging to her followers. The cumulation of all these tactics has gained B. Beautiful significant recognition within the media.

The Result:

B. Beautiful has been featured in several major media outlets including televised product reviews like Breakfast Television. Other media outlets include: The Morning Show, Flare, HOLR Magazine, Hello!, CBC, Elle Canada, Retail Insider, The Kit, and many more.

Brittni is in partnership with Tweezerman as of summer 2022 and will be hosting an event masterclass at her studio with Tweezerman provided product in September 2022.

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