FASTFOILS™ by Ben Barkworth


Promote and gain media recognition for the FASTFOILS™ product and founder.

The Brief:

IGO PR accepted FASTFOILS™ as a client to assist in strengthening their overall presence in the media and within the hair industry. Sourcing contacts from an extensive media list, IGO PR strategically approaches high-reach outlets with the overall objective being to get FASTFOILS™ into as many salons as possible.

The ongoing plan for FASTFOILS™ is to gain as much exposure as possible via social media, events, media outreach, newsletter generation, and push the beneficial aspects of the product.

The Strategy:

Connecting with major media outlets to express how FASTFOILS™ can save salons time in the chair and the integrity of one’s hair all at the same time. Pushing on the key points of saving time which in turn brings in more profit and protecting the hair from unnecessary damages are highlights that other salons will gravitate towards.

IGO PR utilizes its large media base and its strong team of employees to work tirelessly in expanding the recognition of FASTFOILS™ and founder, Ben Barkworth.

Organizing media to first-hand experiences with FASTFOILS™ in the salon has been great press for the brand. These type of arrangements as well as educational demonstrations with FASTFOILS™ products have resulted in awareness of the brand not only within the hair industry, but across high-ranked media outlets as well.

Date :
March 2022
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The Result:

FASTFOILS™ has grown significantly since signing with IGO PR and has since been featured in an abundance of media such as, Salon EVO Magazine, Salon Magazine, LATF USA, and most recently were published in Forbes.

Being featured in expos like ISSE, Cosmoprof, and Premiere Orlando, FASTFOILS™ has gained lots of exposure from attendees and fellow hair stylists at the events. Several stylists were seen using the FASTFOILS™ products at the expos on their own clients.

Ben Barkworth was awarded the debuted Inventor’s Award for FASTFOILS™ at Daytime Beauty Awards in Los Angeles, CA on September 11, 2022.

FASTFOILS Campaign 2022

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